bunker bomb

  1. CatfoodRob

    ROTJ Bunker Bomb found parts for sale

    For sale, two Ferguson slider knobs for the top of a found part bunker bomb project . Price is £125 including international shipping . Please look at the photos , they are of the pair of slider knobs you will receive . Thanks for looking folks.
  2. OddViking

    Return of the Jedi Proton Grenade / Bunker Buster prop

    Greetings! While researching my Proton Grenade prop (often also called a Bunker Buster) from Return of the Jedi, I kept finding great threads on here, as I always do over the years. Because I am taking photos during the build, and am trying something different in a few places than other builds...
  3. roygilsing

    Unlimited Run WannaWanga Bunker Bomb Kit.

    Because of the recently published catalog pictures of the hero ROTJ Endor rebel bunker bomb (or proton grenades) and the discovery of the boot studs (mystery chunk of Luke’s V2 saber) I was very much intrigued by this prop. I’ve spent SO much time and effort in research, reverse engineering and...