1. Psab keel

    10 Ft. Raiders Kangaroo Bullwhip

    Raiders of the Lost Ark Kangaroo Bullwhip. -10 Ft. -12 Plait. -Brand New (never been cracked even once) -Natural Tan Kangaroo -Whitehide fall -Made by Casey Tyler (now retired) -Full belly construction and funtional whip (not a belt hanging prop- a real- fully funtional tool) -Longer handle...
  2. Psab keel

    KOTCS Indy 4 Bullwhip Bernardo Del Carpio

    10 Ft. 12 Plait Kangaroo KOTCS Bullwhip by Bernardo Del Carpio This incredible piece of art was hand crafted by the immensely talented Bernardo Del Carpio of Peru. It is a faithful replica of the bullwhip used by Harrison Ford in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Made of Whiskey Kangaroo with...
  3. blewis17

    Indiana Jones: I need recommendations for a good enough replica hat and whip

    I know what I’m saying here is heresy, but hear me out for just a minute. I’m looking for a simple display in my man cave to hang up on the wall, a nice Indiana Jones hat and whip. I know that authentic items can be purchased and are quite pricey but worth the money. What I need is a “close...