1. Props3D

    Dredd 2012 Electronics 3D Model and Build

    Edit: All done! Files and links to code here: ‐-----------original post below------‐--- Working on a full Dredd 2012 lights/sound 3d model and build. Spent my xMas pouring over references modeling this up for 3D printing. After 212 versions I finally...
  2. Dazza007

    Han in Carbonite - Kiwi Build

    Hi All, My first post here, but it looks like the perfect place to chronicle my Han in Carbonite Build. I'll try and keep an accurate BOM for anyone interested in creating their own. And the plans I created for the box and base I'll add to the second post. So I started with Wes Cokes Mold...
  3. sholmes221b

    Battinson Batsuit Build Batman 2021

    So with very little time on the clock, I have decided to build a Batman 2021 Batsuit for Halloween. After discovering that sculpting fine sharp angles and flat surfaces is WAY harder than sculpting busts and figurines, I have turned to EVA foam. This is my first time working with it and I’m...
  4. MedusaMay

    Making Junkrat's Tire~♡

    Kind of didnt know where to start but somehow I figured it out :) YouTube Video
  5. Superman

    Ironman vs Joker helmet

    It’s been awhile since I posted here but thought this would go perfect to show off my latest Build. WHAT IF ...,,,, the Joker got his hands on Stark technology...specifically the Ironman suit. What would that look like? This is how I picture it. The IronJoke helmetis painted in the Jokers...
  6. mmillette78

    Outlander Cycler Rifle Build

    RPF world. This is my first post here on the forum and I'm excited to share a build that has been a few years in the making. Originally based on a basic Tusken cycler style rifle it transformed into something with much more of a narrative as I was inspired by other builds, feedback and ideas to...
  7. SturdyShedinja

    Roman Props MK1 Construction Help

    Is there anywhere I can find a list of everything one needs to buy to have a fully installed MK1? (No crystal chamber necessary). I’m new to the lightsaber community; this will be my first, and so I’m sort of lost by how much stuff it seems I would need to get electronics put into an FX MK1...
  8. Xander87

    Custom Mando rig!!!

    Hey Everyone! First time foam build, picked the mando and I’m happy with the results, so much helpful information on the RPF. Thanks to everyone for sharing and making this possible. Ive borrowed files from several designers and designed a couple pieces myself, mainly the bracers and the Blaster...
  9. Probably Iconic

    My Mandalorian Build

    I am about to start the process of building my very own Mandalorian armor. This is going to be a mishmash and not anything near the Mandalorian Mercs level of authenticity or specificity, but that doesn't bother me. This is my first build on the RPF and my second full costume, and I wanted to...
  10. Jerrychappell

    Prop design help: impaled actor

    Hi, I’m hoping to get some assistance on designing a prop. I have a theatre piece where I need to design a “metal hook” on the wall that holds a lantern, but also impales an actor during a stage combat fight. For safety reasons I don’t want anything remotely dangerous. I was thinking some sort...
  11. Loganius


    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first RPF prop build! I am currently putting together my Star Wars room and after some careful consideration decided to build a Gonk droid to really up the Star Wars factor. I am about to make a run to a hardware store for some odds and ends but most of this build...
  12. Crookknight

    Service Crookknight's Imperial Assembly Line (Armor Building Services)

    At Crookknight’s Imperial Assembly Line, we offer a full range of armor building services for many types of Star Wars armor. We can rough trim, size, fine tune, assemble, paint, and finish your armor build for you. We can even assist with the ordering of parts for your costumes with reputable...
  13. Kid Master Chief

    Kid Master Chief

    attempt #2 to upload
  14. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  15. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  16. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  17. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  18. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  19. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  20. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume
  21. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    my I.M build Costume