budget builds

  1. sholmes221b

    (Captain) Jack Sparrow Boots Budget DIY

    Not sure how many Capt Jacks are still lurking around here, but during a full revamp of my costume, I decided to try my hand at making my own boots. I am neither a cobbler nor a leather worker, so I had very little confidence going into this, but especially for the price, I am very happy with...
  2. SeaMoon

    Does anyone know any good local brands for Polyurethane / Polyester Resin in the Philippines? (or Asia)

    Just as the title says. I'm looking for any good (possibly budget) brands of resin aside from the well known Smooth On.
  3. Texas predator


    Perhaps the second trophy HEAD I've collected thus far, is this TERMINATOR HEAD. Made with a large plastic pickle jar, (2) RED FINGER lights, red and black paracord strings, SILVER duct tape, (1) foot of rope, WHITE acrylic paint, a black permanent marker, (1) grocery bag and a round foam...