buck rogers


    Limited Run Buck Rogers Earth Directorate Blaster

    Hello all, Hope y’all are safe and healthy out there. I was asked a while back if I could do some old-style blasters, in part from Buck Rogers, which got me started on a couple! The latest one is the Earth Directorate pistol from Season 1, which this thread is about. Another RPFer graciously...
  2. L

    STL for Buck Rogers Disintegrator Pistol (XZ-38)

    I really want to create a replica of this piece but even the most beat up ones are pretty pricy to get a hold of to measure and draw or cast. Are there STL files floating out there to be able to print a copy then use as reference for a higher quality build?
  3. TXTrooper

    Galactic Swag Expo 2019 July 27th & 28th

    I wanted to let everyone know that our 2nd Galactic Swag Expo will be on July 27th & 28th. This year we are teaming up with the Esports Stadium in Arlington, TX. Our first show last year went pretty well except for the flooding on Saturday but we still had a nice turn out. Along with even more...
  4. Mike J.

    Colin Cantwell in Clearwater, FL, March 16, 2019

    STAR WARS' COLIN CANTWELL PRESENTATION & SIGNING, WITH THE 501ST! | EC! Not exactly a convention per se, but I think this is worth noting. Star Wars Ship Creator and Modeler, Colin Cantwell, for Star Wars Looks like he'll be making a tour of the FL-GA area in March, so check his website for...
  5. E

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century Flight Uniform

    Here is my reproduction of the Flight Uniform Of Buck Rogers in The 25th Century. I had to make everything except the pistol which was I get I had to build and paint . The rainbow arm patch was surprisingly found on ebay! The belt, holster and other items I made from scratch. The uniform was...
  6. H

    Glow in the Dark Space models (suggestions?)

    Trying to track down any and all Glow in the Dark Space models (any suggestions?). I just finished building a 1/500 Leif Ericson Galactic Cruiser by AMT Ertl and a 1/350 Star Trek Enterprise "Tholian Web Edition" both in the Glow in the Dark editions. I would like to find more ships and the...
  7. randomsgirl

    Retro Spaceman/Sci-Fi Inspiration

    I have a rough idea for a costume for myself but cannot seem to get inspired for accompanying men's outfit. I'm going for a retro spaceman/sci-fi look but the all-white Buck-Rogers uniform seems too plain and too tight. Any other ideas?