buck rogers in the 25th century

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    Limited Run Buck Rogers Earth Directorate Blaster

    Hello all, Hope y’all are safe and healthy out there. I was asked a while back if I could do some old-style blasters, in part from Buck Rogers, which got me started on a couple! The latest one is the Earth Directorate pistol from Season 1, which this thread is about. Another RPFer graciously...
  2. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG Viper Pilot Leg Computer Build

    When piloting the galaxy, don't forget your Sharp slide rule calculators... er... your Leg Computer. The production certainly had a deal with Sharp. Any time a calculator showed up, it was Sharp branded... usually underneath a label of some sort to obscure the fact. There were two styles of Leg...
  3. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG MediTron Build

    How about we get back to the obscure, yes? Question: What was the Colonial medical hand scanner called? Okay, that's a trick question because it didn't have a name, at least none used on screen. So after an informal poll on the Bionic Moon Labs Facebook page, heavily influenced by a BSG cast...
  4. bishopdonmiguel

    Classic BSG Metron Device Build

    I'm Bishop, the M.C.P. over at Bionic Moon Labs. I'm a huge fan of classic sci-fi props and accessories. The more obscure the better. I realize my posts will appeal mostly to the old farts like me but thought I'd share some of the work that the robots have completed in the lab. I will start...
  5. Y

    ST:TNG - Guinan Magus 3 Rifle identification?

    Hope this is the right place to post this, looking for help in locating/identifying a toy rifle, based on the attached picture. It was originally a "Defense Directorate Rifle" from "Buck Rogers In The 25th Century" TV series, then repainted and used as Guinan's "Magus 3 Rifle" on ST:TNG. Have...
  6. Galactican

    Buck Rogers in the 25th Century paper models

    Hi fans! :) I am a newbee here and a big BSG and Buck Rogers fan. My pal Rhaven Blaack and I have teamed up to make BSG and Buck Rogers models - from paper. Out collection is growing and growing. This thread is the ideal place to show them to you. First of all, this is Buck's blaster. It is...
  7. Rhaven Blaack

    Detail Thunder Fighter paper model

    I recently finished the test build of a new cockpit interior (for the Thunder Fighter) that is screen accurate and that can have a pilot figurine inside. The cockpit interior is still under development at this point, but should be available quite soon I have finished this (extremely) detailed...
  8. Gee2

    Interest Buck Rogers Poster Gun / EDD Prototype

    Considering production of a run of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century "poster gun" pieces. The original piece was from the Man from U.N.C.L.E toy set "Illya Kuryakin toy set" and hasn't been produced since the late 60's. I have a cleaned up master and have a 3D printed flash emitter on its way...
  9. Rhaven Blaack

    "David Jones Concept" Thunder Fighter

    Here is the "David Jones Concept" Thunder Fighter (that was originally designed for Battlestar Galactica, then subsequently used in Buck Roger in the 25th Century). To my knowledge, (up until this kit was designed and made) there were no other kits or models of this particular version of Thunder...
  10. Rhaven Blaack

    "Happy Birthday Buck" Thunder Fighter

    A few years back, I assisted a designer to make add-on parts for the paper model of the Buck Rogers Thunder Fighter So that you can make all of three different variants (to include the David Jones Concept Thunder Fighter and a fan based forward swept wing version that I created) which can be...
  11. R

    Buck Rogers Dr Theopolis

    First off, I'm a newbie to modeling. I've tinkered with the idea, and did some basic reading, but I've not done anything major. I want to build a Dr Theopolis, but I'm not sure where to start. Any suggestions? I've seen Droidboy's Dr Theo (which lured me here to this forum) and I know I can't...
  12. B

    OT: My Buck Rogers Ranger 3 shuttle

    I thought I would share this with the group- I more-or-less finished my Buck Rogers Ranger 3 'shuttle'. It was a very rough casting of the original studio miniature that took me more than 3 years (off and on) to clean up, rescribe, and generally nurse back to health! Pics of the finished...

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