1. spoudastis

    Lightsaber Parts (Obiwan)

    Selling some extra lightsaber parts 1 x Romans graflex clamp, satin finish (new) 2 x Romans bubble strips, cast from original (new) 1 x Russrep transistor ring (new) 1 x Romans pair of clamp sidebars (new) 3 x Motorola vintage TO-5 "MA" transistors. I bought these back in 2015 before the...
  2. TheScratcher

    Fix difficult resin casting problem?

    How would you repair pinholes from bubbles in a casting that are just a mm in diameter but can NOT just be filled with glue or whatever? As you can see in the picture it is not only "holes" but rather missing parts of a thin, protruding line. A 1mm diameter wire, in fact. "Filling" it with a...