1. C

    Flux Capacitor Build

    Hello, I’ve been gone for a few years. Got married, changed careers and the whole 9 yards. Over the quarantine period, I built a mancave and decided that it definitely needed a Flux C. my zone is dripping with LED lights and I actually didn’t want my FC moving all the time. So now, it’s a major...
  2. Fons

    Nike MAG Modification

    I modified some MAGs and wanted to know what true fans thought. After watching my favorite movie for the trillionth time I thought I'd do like Zig Zigler says and "give it a go". I found the electronic components were set in vulnerable areas so I glued them in such a way so one wouldnt break...
  3. Coinprop

    BTTF 2 Docs binoculars build

    So I have had this project going on for a while, I started a few years ago but never finished, real life came in the way! ;) But I found it in my studio and I just have to finish it now. So I thought that I could do a build thread here, and maybe the build will inspire to someone. We all love...