bttf back to the future emmet brown

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  1. Moviefreak

    BTTF Back to the Future Doc Brown phone book page plus more

    This is a set of replicas from BACK TO THE FUTURE, consisting of the phone book page Marty rips out of the diner phone book when looking for Doc Brown. This is a double sided piece printed on the same thickness and type paper as phone books. You also get the “you’re fired” fax and ID card that...
  2. Moviefreak

    Roland BTTF Back to the Future HILL VALLEY DONATION CAN SET

    This was a run by Roland here, and is accurate to the donation can and badges worn in the film BACK TO THE FUTURE. Only been displayed behind glass in a smoke free home. masking $60 plus $8 shipping in the US. Outside US send pm for accurate shipping cost quote. not accepting best offers. Thanks.
  3. Moviefreak

    BTTF Tales from space comic book & Fantastic Story replicas

    This is a combined auction for anyone interested in purchasing this as a set with COMBINED SHIPPING. It will be easier than having to deal with refunding shipping overage by using buy it now on each separate listing. If this is bought as set I will immediately remove the individual sales...
  4. Moviefreak

    BTTF Back to the Future FANTASTIC STORY replica magazine

    This is a ROLAND replica from Back to the Future. This is his meticulously crafted replica of the FANTASTIC STORY magazine. This is a complete and faithful replica of the original highly sought after magazine. This is mint wrapped in a comic bag for safe keeping. What looks like discoloration...
  5. Moviefreak

    BTTF Back to the Future Tales from Space replica prop

    This is a replica from a run here in the junk yard from years ago. I’m not sure who made it though. I have a couple names in my head but I’m not positive. It has a comic inside but it is just a filler comic the maker used. This is not mint as seen in the photos. This was purposely aged and...
  6. astrothug

    Doc emmett Brown notebook prop

    Hi was wondering if anyone has made or seen Doc emmett Brown notebook prop, would like to make one or buy one for my collection. maybe this thread could be used to post images or ideas thanks so much...

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