1. SBurrow

    Replica BLiX Bottles From Zoey 101 (and various shows)

    Working on a short film that ties together multiple movie and TV show universes and I needed some BLiX energy drink bottles from Zoey 101 and other shows from Schneider’s Bakery (we all know what everyone’s thinking if I mention that name, let’s please not discuss that). They used Fiji Bottles...
  2. M

    maybe an original Johnnie Walker Blade Runner bottle from 1982?

    So there's a guy on eBay with this Johnnie Walker Blade Runner bottle and he wants a thousand Euros for it. Way too rich for my blood but if I suddenly had an inheritance or something, how would I know this is legit? I heard Johnnie Walker made some Blade Runner bottles for the release of the...
  3. Nasa

    Death Becomes Her Elixir Bottle

    So I have been asked a few times if I am able to make this replica from the dark comedy 'Death Becomes Her' which is a very difficult prop to duplicate considering it stands on its tip. With the interest shown towards my Omegahedron, Neverending Story Book and Floating Rose, I thought I might...
  4. QuinnPrime

    The Expanse Mugs, Glasses, and Bottles Project

    It took me quite a long time to finally join the Replica Prop Forum. I’ve been totally blown away by the work people are doing, and by the help and advice I’ve received in the very short time that I’ve been here. I’m especially interested in replicating items from The Expanse, which is currently...