1. CleverMax


    I always wanted to be a Borderlands cosplayer! So I decided to turn Mr. Clever into a BL character. I debuted this at NYCC 2019. My first time doing the cel shading, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.
  2. SentencedToBurn

    Marcus Vending Machine from Borderlands 3 - full scale

    Disclaimer: as you'll can probably tell I'm no expert fabricator, having worked as a panelbeater and a spraypainter I learnt some basic metalwork skills welding up rust on old shitters, making new sections of panels, basic chassis work (again normally just rust repairs), etc. So anyone with an...
  3. I

    Borderlands Crimson Lance PEP files

    Hey all, I was hoping on building a Crimson Lance costume in celebration for the new Borderlands, however I can't seem to find valid links to PEP files for them. Anyone have any leads? Thanks in advance!
  4. drjag

    1/10 Scale Borderlands Claptrap Model (Shutdown Pose)

    Hello Travelers! It has been a Veeeeeery long time since I've posted a new thread (University shenanigans and such) but I finally have a project I've been working on the side that I can log. It's no secret that I'm a fan of Borderlands, and during uni term an opportunity presented itself to me...
  5. Youkai

    Borderlands style jewelry box research thread

    Hello everyone, new member here. Thanks for having me. I'm going to start building a jewelry box in the style of a Borderlands treasure chest. The design will be different / my own but it will be very similar. The key parts are that you will press a button and the lid will open then a couple/few...
  6. T

    Psycho's Buzz-Axe prop from Borderlands.

    Here is the step-by-step of how I made the Buzz-Axe! Check out my Instagram page for more shots of this prop and many others! 1. Cutting foam pieces and PVC pipe. 2. More cutting and gluing everything together! The circle blade is made out of 3mm PVC sheet. 3. Fully assembled! Time to...
  7. R

    Axton Borderlands cosplay

    Hello I need help crafting this together I have made metal shin armour . Also any suggestions on the (Gallant Grunt) helmet
  8. G

    Cannot find Good model base anywhere.

    Hello, I'm a new user here, and I've got myself into a bit of a pickle. I'd like to try modeling, molding, and casting a Borderlands one shotgun (like a green or white level Tediore [Green rarity shotguns best shotguns ;P]) But I'm having severe trouble trying to find a blueprint that I could...
  9. Slukaj

    Borderlands 2 Infinity Pistol(s) WIP - 3D Modeled, printed, and molded

    Hey everyone! I've been thinking about doing this project on and off for the better part of a year and a half, and I've finally gotten my head to the point where I've actually started putting forth some serious work. This is designed to be a (very late!) gift for my groomsmen, whom I bonded with...
  10. K

    zer0 Disharm0ny mask

    hello all, I am working on a disharmony mask for zero from borderlands, and im trying to figure out how to make the green lens that the mask has but I am having trouble figuring out how to make the lens. I was thinking about maybe bending Plexiglas, or getting some cheap mask lenses and finding...
  11. N7soldier

    Borderlands Psycho mask

    (First, sorry for my english; it might not be a 100% perfect because it's absolutely not my native language ; w ; ) I don't really know how to start this; but here's my first pepakura ever, and it's a Psycho Mask from the Borderlands franchise. Using this pdo ...
  12. K

    Looking for resources - Bossanova from Tales from the Borderlands

    Basically what the title says (sorry if it's in the wrong section, couldn't find a more suitable one) My current project is a bossanova costume to be completed in october. I found a pepakura model of the helmet but no renders of the back of the character or high res pictures. I'm also asking in...
  13. RedPillDesigns

    Sculpture Projects

    I'm pretty new to sculpting, and I'm still learning (teaching myself), but I'm really happy with how my first three projects have turned out so far. So here are the first three sculpture projects I decided to make. The first three pictures are of my very first sculpture project, which was an...
  14. Abbytates

    Handsome Jack with prosthetic mask!

    I've had a little project going the last several months, I really enjoyed the Borderlands games and I saw a lot of Handsome Jack cosplay where the cosplayers painted the mask on using makeup. Thats fun, but I was surprised the more I looked that I could not find a single person who had made a...
  15. Diegator

    Vaughn Glasses (Tales From The Borderlands)

    A friend asked me to build the glasses the character Vaughn wears in the game Tales from the Borderlands. Nowadays, it seems, cosplayers have it a bit easier than in my day - ahem ahem, because my friend even gave me the "cosplay reference guide" straight from the developer... I asked my...
  16. 1

    Fallout/Borderlands Prop Help

    Hello, for quite a while i have wanted to get into prop making, but have had no clue where to start. Lately I have been thinking about maybe doing a handsome jack mask similar to punishedprops. But i feel that may be a little ambitious, especially with my little to no sculpting skill. I am...
  17. MKretschmer

    Kretschmer Kreativ Works of 2012-2015

    Friends, Just sharing a little video I put together for my website. It's a summary of my favorite projects from the past few years, including my wooden Enterprise model, Imperial Guard helmet, a lightsaber, a sith artifact and more. Hope you enjoy it and maybe even draw a little inspiration...
  18. BRDencklau

    Borderlands 2 Bandit shotgun build (Shotty)

    Due to reasons out of my control, I have to wait to mold my other projects. Sometimes you gotta wait. So I'm waiting... and keeping busy. Where to go next? The obvious choice in my head is to start mixing Bandit into the equation. Here we go... Using the Flakker components I already made, I...
  19. Aces

    Borderlands 2 Badass Marauder Helmet

    Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, so I thought I'd share my current project, and ask for some opinions about approaching a problem from those with more experience than myself, which is why this isn't in the "introduce yourself" thread. I've been working on the helmet on and off for almost...
  20. deadbeard

    borderlands psycho mask

    started sculpting my borderlands psycho mask... first made eye,mouth,nose-parts out of plastic sheets and molded a fan and cast it in resin... then started sculpting the basic shape on my headcast for well fitting..used chavant medium clay..after this ad all details and gave it a few coats of...
  21. D

    Borderlands Crimson Lance build Complete

    Hello members of the RPF, I have been working on my first build for the past year to get ready for Megacon 2015. I decided on building the Crimson Lance armor from Borderlands. I just recently finished this build and brought it to Megacon where people just couldn't stop taking photos of me. I...
  22. H

    Hmmmzzzzzz can't find it?!

    Having a hard time finding any sort of resources (specifically files) for Arkham Knight red hood and all around borderlands goodness for pepakura. Mostly have found nothing more than psycho masks and that's about it. Most folks have said go pull renders out of the games etc etc, but while im a...
  23. Octo props

    Borderlands Psycho mask

    Hi guys! Borderlands is one of my all time favourite games, so I've always wanted to make a Psycho mask. Therefore, I thought I would share how I eventually made my own. The materials you will need: - Monster clay or any other sulfur free clay - A dremel - Rice - 1 3/4 PVC pipe - 1 small piece...
  24. typeomega

    Analytical bitch (borderlands 2)

    this is my Analytical bitch from borderlands 2. this build is almost internally made of recycled foam board. its still only about half done right now, nothing but the handle is glued together the rest is just push pined as place holders. this is my first project im posting here so feedback is...
  25. dethaniel

    Dethaniel's Borderlands Prop Series

    Hello everyone, If you couldn't tell from the title, I am a huge Borderlands fan since the first release. It is the one game in my collection that that has helped me keep ties with my friends, and I just like the overall design of the characters and guns most. With that, I wanted to make all...