1. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

    36 Lessons of Vivec. Skyrim style vs TES Online style. Video here -
  2. Flora Chen

    36 Lessons of Vivec. The Elder Scrolls book replica

  3. Flora Chen

    Karaethon Cycle Replica

  4. Flora Chen

    Harry Potter - The Tales of Beedle the Bard replica

    Hi, everyone I've just finished my own replica of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I also made a video about making the book. I'm planning to make another one, but with the translation by Hermione. Let me know if i missed something or anything that could improve it. Thank you. You can watch the...
  5. jcporcel

    Real size Book of Monsters from Lego Nexo Knights

    I'm a big Lego fan (as many of you probably are too), and I realy like misterious books, and for a very long time I wanted to get the BOOKS of EVIL from a Lego set called "Nexo Knights". Since I live in south america, Amazon, ebay and similar services don't quite work so I never got the chance...
  6. jarodpenn

    Possible first ever? Star Wars book in Aurebesh.

    Greetings all! I know I’m relatively quiet on the forum but I’ve got something to show off. First, if you want to see any of the other stuff that I’ve done recently you can head over here: Now to the point- Just as a fun little activity recently I have learned Aurebesh. One of the MANY...
  7. A

    Looking for a specific material used in traditional Japanese book making.

    I’m looking the tape located on the left hand corner of most traditional Japanese books. It has a paper like texture, and has the ability to be printed on. My goal is to create many of these types of books, so a solution on how to print on this type of tape is also something I’m after. Any help...