1. Danlex9

    My Iron man MK41 bones build

    Currently making a mark 41 bones cosplay suit from a hand drawn sketch and a pepakura file for the helmet. I mostly post pics and details of my builds on Instagram but I have finally decided to start contributing to the rpf. This suit is being made from 2mm and 6mm craft foam, 3D printed...
  2. G

    Jeffersonian lab coat patch artwork.

    The design of the patches on their lab coats is very different from the logo used on the ID/access cards. Doesn't look like embroidery, yet. I need to research methods for doing embroidery FX in Photoshop. I can send the PSD with all the separate layers if someone wants to do something with...
  3. franz bolo

    Bones, David Boreanaz screen used Knife.

    I got another knife for the collection. This one was used by David Boreanaz on the last episode of Bones. It's the knife he spins throughout the show. FB