bo katan

  1. Jake Kassnoff

    Bo Katan Mandalorian Helmet Build

    Build Footage:
  2. Sni9er

    Interest =JJ= Bo Katan & Clan Kryze - CNC Aluminium Belt Acessories

    Howdy folks! we're well underway now on the Clan Kryze Belt Accessories we are looking to gauge interest for numbers. I can only predict pricing at the moment as it will vary based on the final quotes but I imagine a full set will come somewhere near £65-90 ($85-120) range and will include...
  3. krispikarim

    Interest Bo Katan Armor Kit (Live Action)

    Wanted to gauge interest in a run of live action Bo Katan armor from The Mandalorian. The armor would be cast fiberglass and include the helmet, armor and jetpack, may also offer fully painted sets if there is any interest. Helmet 3d Model: