blaster parts


    Weathering aluminum parts like my DL44 Blaster Flash Hider in the dishwasher

    Hi, I‘m working on a Star Wars costume at the moment (see my other threads) and found a nice way for weathering Aluminum parts. Just put them in the dishwasher. Something you should never do with aluminum kitchen stuff. Here my DL44 flash hider before, new and shiny: And after one round for...
  2. dkraude

    Limited Run IG-88 DLT20A Machined Parts Denix Conversion

    I have been working on an all metal machined Denix Conversion kit for an IG-88 DLT20A. I had 4 being made but due to financial difficulties 2 of the 4 buyers have needed to back out. I am posting this thread to see if there is any interest in purchasing the remaining 2 slots. This build will...
  3. P

    Connecting hilts and/or blaster components?

    I'll try to make sense of my mind here. Duel swords / lightsabers. If I were to use them I'd want the option to connect the hilts but don't want super obvious clips or threads. I also want strong connections if I decide to hit things so magnets probably wouldn't work. For some reason the idea...