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  1. dkraude

    Interest Endor A280 Assault Rifle Kit or Finished Blaster Interest Thread (Aluminum and Steel)

    Hello All, I am putting out some feelers to see if there is interest in having a full Metal Endor A280 Assault Rifle project run started. Options: "Do it yourself kit" or "finished ready to display" Machined parts for both variants. The receiver base would be a Denix M161A replica. Reply to...
  2. dkraude

    Limited Run IG-88 DLT20A Machined Parts Denix Conversion

    I have been working on an all metal machined Denix Conversion kit for an IG-88 DLT20A. I had 4 being made but due to financial difficulties 2 of the 4 buyers have needed to back out. I am posting this thread to see if there is any interest in purchasing the remaining 2 slots. This build will...
  3. Don B

    Blade Runner 2049 Luv's Blaster

    See the above quote, and just getting around to making Luv's Blaster. This is another kit from the guys at TipTop Workshop and is pressure cast in Smooth on Smooth cast 321. The cast is solid and has a decent weight to it. I like this kit - it has a lot of detail and I think it just needs some...
  4. Buckethead

    Interest CNC Aluminium DC15s Clone Blaster - Price Update!

    Update 4.11.20 So I have a quote in, if at least 25 of us can get on board they would be £600 GBP each + shipping for a kit. This is a great price for a full size kit! Project Start I have been working with the very talented Jetstorm_3d, aka Léo, (who modelled an extraordinary model of the...