blade runner

  1. Egon

    Rick Deckard Blade Runner 1982 - Soup to Nuts!

    Hey all, This project has been a long time coming! Generally, I make mostly Star Wars related costumes, but I was contacted by (I think) a fellow member, Mark Dubeau, about making Deckard's trench coat. I wasn't in a good living space at the time (actually pretty unsafe but that's another...
  2. masterjedi322

    Tomenosuke Blade Runner 2049 blaster build

    Like many folks here, I’ve been a big fan of Blade Runner for a long time, so I was really excited when Tomenosuke was granted a license to produce replica blasters. Unfortunately, I missed out on some of their early runs, so when the 2049 kit was offered, I snatched one up immediately. And...
  3. zenx13

    Blade Runner "Inspired" Blaster (Scratch Built): PKD-13

    Greetings everyone! I am new to the RPF Forum and wanted to share my Blade Runner Inspired Blaster project to date. I have been working on it (on and off) for about 4 months but some of the items I collected for the build go back a number of years. I was not sure if I had the right skills yet...
  4. Compo

    Blade Runner meets Aliens!! Vid-Phonē, Pulse Rifle motion tracker display

    Been working on my man cave since the start of the U.K. lockdown. Taking inspiration from my favourite films, everyone needs a hobby
  5. Lowbeer

    Another Snub-nosed Blade Runner blaster thread because... can you ever really have too many?

    So before everyone gets so sick of Blade Runner blaster and snub-nosed blaster posts they just tell me to take it the hell over to Propsummit already I figured I'd post about my own snub blaster build. veektohr once described Luke's saber as "a perfect object". This is an accurate description...
  6. tennantlim

    Yet another Blade Runner PKD!

    Greetings fellow builders! I hope everyone is doing well amidst the COVID-19 conditions in your respective regions. Personally, I'm grateful to be residing in my home country Singapore where the situation is efficiently contained. Aside from abiding to regulations that require us to wear masks...
  7. eethan

    Limited Run Blade Runner police badges with vintage Amberlith X. Deckard, Gaff, Holden and Bryant

    Hello there, It’s finally time to open my run of blade runner police badges and at the same time, my professional website where I’ll be selling all my future items. I have been working on that run since April with the input of the community both on the RPF and on Propsummit. You can find both...
  8. Wells Sculpture

    My Hannibal Chew

    Work in progress
  9. OmegaShogun

    Blade Runner blaster replica (never been done before i'm sure)

    Ok, I know there are a million other blaster replicas, but I still wanted to show off mine because its my first ever prop build so I'm pretty proud of it. Its a tomenosuke kit that was sanded, painted, and blued. The intense LED lighting of my display kind of washes out the metal in photos, but...
  10. Bloop

    Harrison Ford 3D sculpt (learning Blender) - Deckard, Blade Runner - v1.0 3D Printed and Painted, page 4

    UPDATE: (Nov. 11th, 2021 - 3D print & painting v1.0 complete, pg 4): <I decided to add a current progress pic to the original post, partly so you don't have to scroll down if you don't want to, and partly because my first progress pic looks pretty bad in comparison. I know I was just starting...
  11. Purkkaviritys

    Blade Runner Video terminal

    I made this video terminal / Vid phon for the Disobey 2020 hacker conference (held in Feb 2020), and it was very heavily influenced by the video phone in the original blade runner, but it is a bit shorter in height because I decided not to model the part that contains the usage instructions and...
  12. Soulinertia

    Unlimited Run Custom Blade Runner Blaster Grips for rgriesbeck's 3D printed kits in Amber or Clear cast resin

    Upgrade your PKD Blade Runner Blaster kit from rgriesbeck with a set of new solid resin cast grips! This is a joint effort between rgriesbeck and myself. These are made specific to fit the his blaster kits. You buy the kit from him and the grips from me. Each set of grips are cast in resin...
  13. Andy3E

    Blade Runner Blaster

    Took these photos last year, just trying to make a small Vignette of some of my Blade Runner Props The Blaster is an RACProps Built by me, the rest of the props were made by Cosmic Workshop in the UK
  14. Custard Gannet

    Blade Runner : Lobster Aerodyne

    So for my first scratch build I decided on the "Lobster" aerodyne from Blade Runner (although it could just as easily be called the "cobra car" from the stencils you can see on its "claw" wheel wells in some shots of the studio model. Its kind of mysterious, and relatively obscure (no toys or...
  15. Don B

    K's Blaster from Blade Runner 2049 - First Build

    I'd like to share my first build. It's based on Tip Top Workshop's resin kit made from smooth on smooth cast 321. The kit seemed good to me with no real issues and just had to be cleaned up, but as this is my first time I have nothing to compare it to. Made loads of mistakes and got huge...
  16. 8ucci

    Importing Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster kit into Australia?

    Hi all, I am relatively new to the RPF and looking for some advice about a Tomenosuke Blade Runner Blaster 2019 Stunt Model Kit that I was lucky enough to recently purchase online! I am living in Sydney, New Sout Wales where (like the rest of Australia) gun laws are extremely tight and require...
  17. Slash-5

    Sebastian's Chess Set (Blade Runner, Great Birds)

    Guys, thank you for all of the hundreds messages about a chess set, lol. It looks like one may be able to be released soon(-ish, not in my control). :) We are working out all the details now. My repaired/re-sculpted master castings of originals have been sent off... We might be also including...
  18. savmagoett

    Blade Runner 1982 White Dragon neon sign 3D model

    Hi guys ! I'm working on a 3D model of the White Dragon neon sign from the original Blade Runner. The goal is to make a video animation to be displayed on a screen to simulate having the actual sign at my place (a tv screen fireplace for geek if you will). I'll make the video available for...
  19. askernas

    Blade Runner 2019 Voight-Kampff machine: fully electronic version

    Hello all! A while ago, I made an electronic conversion of a resin kit by Chaucer44 from Goldenarmor of a VK kit. I actually made two... Here's the final version: I ended up redesigning the entire arm and eye mechanism in CAD, based on some measurements from the great resin kit for scale, but...
  20. J

    PKD-2019 Blade Runner Blaster - Snub Nose Version

    Hi guys, I've always had a fascination with the Snub Nose version of the PKD 2019 (That Gun) - Blade Runner Blaster and have always wanted to create my own. So here goes. I finally found some 3D files on Thingiverse for the full version of the PKD 2019: PKD-2019 Blade Runner blaster. by...
  21. Compo

    Finished, working Blade Runner Vid Phone

    Just finished well apart from some stickers and graffiti. Not 100% screen accurate but it’s a big thing so I wanted to get some use from it, works to make video calls and play music.
  22. Compo

    Blade Runner Vid Phon build, help needed.

    Hey folks!! Doing my first build and I need help identifying a part. I’m building a full size street Vid Phon from Blade Runner, I’ve got 90% of it in my head but I can’t find the camera lens, not got to be exact but if anyone could point me in the right direction, there’s a lens and what looks...
  23. BeardySi

    Blade Runner PKD blaster / That Gun

    This came as a nice surprise birthday present from my wife. She knew Blade Runner is a favourite of mine, but she'd no idea that this gun also appears in Fallout which is a big obsession of mine. The kit came from etsy and a bit of research reveals it to be a recast of the Doppelganger...
  24. TridCloudwalker

    Tomenosuke Assembly Kit Tutorial Video

    Despite getting the kit over a year ago, I've only had time to finally sit down and put it together last month, and to be honest, I was a little intimidated. This is my absolute holy grail kit; the one I've wanted since the beginning. I didn't want to screw it up, and wanted to have a very solid...
  25. StarWarsGuy

    Is this a legit Rick Ross PKD-II kit?

    Found this out in my dad's garage and was wondering if this is a legit Rick Ross model or a reproduction.