black widow

  1. SaphyreDaze

    Yelena costume piece IDs

    Hello! I am currently trying to ID her boots and her gloves. I have a ton of ref pics if anyone wants them too for her suit.
  2. P

    Black Widow-inspired escrima sticks

    I love Escrima/Kali sticks. I favour dual wield weapons in video games and RPGs whenever possible, and I think stick weapons are very cool. I recently watched black widow and was intrigued by the handles of Natasha's sticks (though I didn't really like the design of the rest of the weapon). I...
  3. Peralton

    Red Guardian (Black Widow 2020) - Fabric Search

    Hey, all. I'm looking at what it will take to recreate the Red Guardian costume seen in the recent Black Widow trailer. The fabric looks to have a very tight hexagon texture to it. Anyone have a thought on where it came from , or something similar? Thanks.
  4. verdaera

    Avengers Black Widow - silk screened fabric experiment

    Hello! I didn't post a build thread while I was making this, I still have a bit of work to do on it. The first Avenger's movie is still my favorite of all the Avenger's movies, and I love Black Widow's suit from that one. I made a Civil War suit, but I learned some new things in the discussions...