black panther

  1. DrCosmic

    M'Baku Jabari Group Cosplay Help

    Hey folks! I am pretty early in my cosplaying journey, my wife sews, we're talking about investing in a 3D printer and I'm willing to pick up whatever skills are needed beyond hot gluing things down, lol. At any rate, we want to do a Jabari group cosplay with some of our friends, inspired by...
  2. darthwhitey

    Black Panther 1:1 helmet - Killerbody

    A really nice wearable End Game Black Panther helmet. Also a great display helmet. BNIB...never displayed. Only opened to examine and take pics. **This version of the helmet comes with no stand and no electronics. New in original box and original shipper. Ships from the USA Scale: Life-Size...
  3. GothamsKnight55

    Black Panther Helmet Lighting Effect

    So I ran across this amazing Black Panther/Golden Jaguar build from Vibranium Cosplay: I'm having a lot of trouble replicating the lighting effect. Based on his Instagram, he 3d printed the helmet in transparent filament. I've been able to do the same, so far so good. But I can't figure...