black hole

  1. szarchie

    USS Cygnus 1/700 - The Black Hole

    I started this build thread over at Studioscale Modelers but it seems a little quiet there. I hope it's Ok to post it here too. I have been a fan of the USS Cygnus from Disney's The Black Hole since it was released back in 1979. Showing how old I am now! The MPC kit that was released left a...
  2. blewis17

    The Black Hole: any info on thi Dallas/Ft. Worth full sized VINcent?

    Just watching the latest LGR episode on YouTube. Clint was visiting the Dallas/Ft Worth area for some retro computer goodness, and got invited to this private arcade. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw this life sized VINcent in the arcade. Anyone here have any info on this beautiful bot...