biker scout

  1. L

    Scout Trooper - Children’s Costume

    I wanted to share the Halloween costume I made for my 10 yr old. First off I want to point out two things. 1) I realize that is not the proper weapon 2) completely upset with myself that I didn’t notice I had the cummerbund inside out. (I had weathered the other side) I found the armor...
  2. Indy Magnoli

    Want to Buy Biker Scout Costume Parts (Everything needed)!

    A big group of us are planning on marching in our local Christmas Parade (virus pending, of course) and we'd like to add a Biker Scout to our mix. At the moment, we've only got a scout trooper blaster... maybe some white boots as well. Probably black gloves too. Everything else is needed. If...
  3. A

    Tall Biker Scout

    I am 6’ 2” and I would like to start a biker scout to get approved by the 501st. Does anyone know of an armor maker whose armor fits taller people?