big red

  1. Alex Hayashi

    Big Red Build (First hunt)

    So I finally got my account back! I figured as I'm currently working on my Ram build I'd show my Big Red costume. First starting off was the leg guards, rather daunting being my first time working with EVA foam but turned out pretty well, needed stuffing given my slender frame. Next up we have...
  2. Alex Hayashi

    Mask collection.

    Past few months I've been collecting masks and the last one just arrived, so I thought I'd show you guys. I plan on building suits for each, currently doing Big Red and gonna do Scarface right after.
  3. HAL1138

    Kayla's Little Red

    So...... An era has unfortunately come to pass. Baby Predator, after almost two years of awesome adventures and hunts, has finally retired. She has learned and grown, and practically BURST out of her skin like many a young Xeno. Sad?......yes....... Devastating?....... Perhaps not. With...