biff tannen

  1. DB537

    BTTF - Gambling Legalized / Space Zombie Newspapers - From 2011-2012 Runs

    I have been going through some items that were in storage, and I found a few extra newspapers from my old runs here, which I had thought were sold out long ago. I have 8 copies of the alternate Otis Peabody 'Space Zombie' newspaper, from the very first run of BTTF newspapers that I offered...
  2. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future II Pleasure Paradise Biff’s Matchbook Display

    Wanted one of these in my collection for a while, and couldn’t find one to buy- so was left with only one option!! After a little research I found and used the same model Volvo hubcap as seen on screen as the base. Painted gold, filled the top, made the star, made the edging ‘leaves’, some small...