better call saul

  1. Q

    Lalo Salamanca Necklace

    Hello, I am looking for Lalo Salamncas gold necklace and was wondering if anyone can help me, I can buy a replica or make one if I have a clear photo of the necklace. Its always covered hy his shirt on the show so I cant make it out, all I know is that its custom made. Would really appreciate...
  2. SBurrow

    Better Call Saul Sandia Republic Money

    Posted here few times before cause I’m working on a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul fan film. We’re approaching our first shoot day soon and we’ve got a good $200,000 in motion picture currency. Padded a box to make it look full. I’ve seen replicas of the $100 Bills from the Sovereign Sandia...
  3. SBurrow

    Breaking Bad’s Yum Good Ramen

    Anyone know if it’s a specific brand of ramen they used for the Yum Good Ramen in Breaking Bad? The side profile shots don’t really give much away, but hey, I figured I’d give it a shot. If I end up getting more info on it, I might just make a replica myself if it’s not just an existing brand.
  4. SBurrow

    Breaking Bad Pollos Box Labels

    Working on a short film in the Breaking Bad universe and I LOVE Pitbull ’s screen used Pollos box labels that were used in the Los Pollos Hermanos trucks. Has anyone recreated these that I’d be able to get ahold of? Photo is of screen used props owned by Pitbull on RPF.
  5. Q

    Casting detailed object questions

    I'm in the process of making a replica of the Zafiro Anejo bottle topper from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I'm sculpting it out of Sculpey clay, and I planned to bake it, make a mold, cast it in resin and paint it copper, however I'm afraid it would be difficult to remove the topper from...