1. Scapey

    Unlimited Run Skyrim "Word Wall"; laser-engraved slate plaques.

    For hanging on the wall, or using as a mouse-mat. Hell, buy 500 and tile your bathroom with 'em! I'd LOVE to see that! ;) Fus-Ro-Dah available as standard, but I'm open to any and all requests. You want it, I can zap it! £15 + P&P ( Please note, due to the heavy weight of these, shipping...
  2. trymenager

    Fallout 4 Fusion flea Stroller

    As a father I’d be foolish to thing my kids are going to walk throughout NYCC so I’m building a stroller. Donor: Little Tykes pick up truck / Radioflyer Metal wagon [Table of Contents] * Styrofoam *Great Stuff Spray foam *2x4 *3M Bondo & Fiberglass resin (Cloth or strands) *Rust-Oleum Satin...
  3. Scapey

    Skyrim "Word wall" laser-engraved slate.

    I guess this is sort of halfway between a replica prop and a replica game-popup LOL Just finished this afternoon, pretty pleased with how it came out :) 300mm x 200mm, laser engraved on real slate.