beneath the planet of the apes

  1. Tobor the great

    Planet of the Apes, URSUS update

    Here is my URSUS update. Still need to complete the helmet and make his pistol and holder
  2. T

    Beneath the Planet of the Apes "Mutant Leader" Build

    Hello all, My name is Nate and this is my first attempt at replicating a character. A little background, I am a full-time graphic designer by profession (8 years and going strong), a screen printer by trade, and a sculptor by passion. I am also a big movie geek and have always been a...
  3. TomSpinaDesigns

    Some Planet of the Apes movie prop & costume displays

    We've set up a new gallery on the site for some of the Planet of the Apes related displays we've done. From custom mannequins (essentially turing loose costumes into complete lifesize character statues) to smaller prop displays, we've worked on a bunch in the past and have added several new...