1. JShakespeare

    Making my custom Aragorn Andúril belt

    Hi all - first time posting here, but I've been lurking for many years. I collect all full-size things LOTR & Hobbit Just wanted to share a project I completed in lockdown, the Aragorn Andúril belt! I've made belts for the strider sword, glamdring, sting, and just had to have the Andúril belt...
  2. dr_slurpee

    Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord Cast Aluminum Belt Buckle

    A few months back a friend and I were talking about Star-Lord's belt buckle and we decided to try to make a functional one. We started by looking at some reference images of the screen used one. Then we planned out what would make a functional profile that still had the same look as the...
  3. SeanSolo

    My Star Wars saber/blaster belt

    I've been working on a Star Wars saber/blaster belt for a costume/cosplay. I've learned a lot a tips and tricks and specifics about creating a leather Star Wars belt which I'm more than willing and eager to share. For future costumes/cosplay/a trip to Galaxy's Edge I've started putting together...
  4. Crowley Costume Detail

    Crowley Costume Detail

    Crowley's belt
  5. InCOGnito B2TE

    Assassin's Creed Ezio Leather Insignia, belt, pouch and sword frog. (Pic heavy)

    Hey, So this is my first build thread that I've started. Apologies for any mistakes I make in advance. I've been inspired by people here over the years and the creations that are made and when my girlfriend and I recently decided to attend our first comic-con in the UK I decided that I would...