1. Stradaro

    Looking for help with my first cosplay

    As my first cosplay, I want to perform Kongming from Ya Boy Kongming. I found a few sites that sell the costume (like go2cosplay and this much cheaper one on skycostume). The first noting that the costume is made of "Uniform cloth", which I've heard is basically the cheapest of the cheap and the...
  2. CrustyJugglerz

    Complete begginer seeking advice.

    Hey everyone, im not sure if this is the right area to ask this so i apologize if its not, but my partner is looking getting into sculpting/prosthetics and makeup. We have both never done any sculpting or painting really but shes pretty passionate about trying to bring her ideas to life. Im...
  3. Foamnoob42

    Punisher War Machine EVA Foam Build by a complete novice!

    Hey guys, I'm very new to cosplay. Never touched a chunk of EVA foam in my life. So I thought the best cosplay to ease me into the hobby was a super complex suit of armour made out of foam. I am a smart person who makes good decisions XD. It's not too bad though. Someone else already did a...