1. Nibenon

    BBC Robin Hood - Season 3 Costume build

    While I hunt or wait for accessories for Faramir, Flynn Rider, or the Dread Pirate Roberts, I figured I’d use some of the experiences from these builds and build a replica I’ve wanted since I was a kid: Robin Hood, specifically his Season 3 outfit. Say what you will about the campy show, I’ve...
  2. MrHolmesSH2018

    BBC Sherlock Season 3/4 Scarf

    Hello everyone! I've been a fan of the BBC Sherlock show for awhile now and I've always been amazed by the scarves Benedict uses. By Season 3, Sherlock got a new scarf. Very fashionable, in my opinion. This time he got a Limited Edition "Balmain", which features a central panel made of wrinckled...
  3. LeoCor Replicas

    Doctor Who TV Movie prop help

    I'm currently writing a book detailing the history and impact of the FOX 1996 Doctor Who TV movie, and I'm trying to track down as much info as I can. One portion of interest is the props used in the movie. I know about the screwdriver and the TARDIS key being made by 800-TREKKER and Iguana...