1. Jake Kassnoff

    Kryptonite Batarang

    This was actually inspired by an episode of robot Chicken:
  2. silkscreener

    Superman MOS Justice League Emblem Shields

    Hi All, I will be selling these at new price of at $140 Tracked worldwide Choice of- Red+ Blue & Black+Silver in- Man of Steel 2013 version (large) Dawn of justice 2016 ( large and medium) Justice league 2017/2021 version ( large only for now) Versions THE LATEST VERSION 3 is in with...
  3. DDrAv3n

    Knightmare Batman 1:1 scale build

    Hello, I'm trying to build a 1:1 scale knightmare batman. Half body for time being as that's all I have room for currently. Any suggestions on mannequin body type? Something similare to what cosplaychris has done. All help is appreciated.