batman the dark knight

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  1. IndyFanChuck

    Dark Knight cape material question

    Hey gang, Did we ever find out exactly what kind of material that Batman uses for a cape in The Dark Knight? Secondly, anyone have any success in purchasing some? I'm gonna need some at some point. Just wanted to know what we thought as a Forum was the best material, and any...
  2. mrmyersfan

    TDK bat suit

    Hello guys, I was looking though the internet looking for TDK batsuits but all I can find is the motorcycle suit. Don't get me wrong the mototrcycle suit is nice but I am looking for something a little more spot on. I was wondering if you guys know the names and contact info of...
  3. chimmera30

    Batman Dark Knight eva Foam* Suited up*

    Hey all trying to make a Batman Dark Knight armour set in goes!!!
  4. E

    Replica of Dark Knight Costume in Fighting Action video.

    Video of Dark Knight costume in Action against a stunt team. Plus a teaser to a fan film with full Joker and Dark Knight wardrobe. Feed back on costumes would be great! YouTube - BATMAN Fighting Goons
  5. E

    The Dark Knight costume in Action! Plus teaser with Full Joker and Batman Wardrobe.

    "Batman: The Last Laugh" Fan film with exact Dark Knight replica costumes. Some test fight choreography for the film and a small teaser of the film with Batman and the Jokers wardrobe! Let us know what you think. YouTube - BATMAN Fighting Goons
  6. T

    Sticky-bomb gun

    Hey, does anyone out there own a screen used Sticky-bomb gun from the Dark knight? :confused
  7. Mr. K

    "Carbon fiber, 28 caliber, made in china".

    Prop Store - Ultimate Movie Collectables :confused
  8. Hecubus114

    The Dark Knight 1:1 - first casting pics on page 3

    A lot of TDK stuff has been popping up lately so I figured it was a good time to show what I have been working on on-and-off for a while now. He is 1:1 scale, and after the head/neck areas are finished and cast, I will start sculpting chest and shoulders. There are still lots of changes I want...
  9. morphosis

    Memory Cloth Case from Batman Begins/TDK- anyone know the maker of this case?

    I was wondering if you guys can help me. Im trying to find out if this case that held the Memory Cloth in Begins, and its also on the desk of the computer bat cave in TDK is a case someone recognizes? Im trying to find this exact case. I looked on Pelican Cases and many other case maker sites...
  10. S

    Batman's Tumbler

    I've just returned from London Film and Comic Con, one of the cool items on display was Batman's Tumbler. I thought you might like to see a few pics! Sorry for the poor quality these were taken before the show started in poor lighting Welcome to Facebook
  11. Robbie TPC

    1/6 Studio Scale Tumbler (got some contact info)

    Hi all, what's the scale of a studio scale Tumbler ? I thought it was 1/4 scale but I'm not sure. Thanks, Robbie
  12. R

    The DEFINITIVE TDK Joker Costume Thread/Project

    Hey to All I am all for costume and prop but costume displays are simply the coolest and, argubly the most noticeable items in anyone's collection. A prop hanging on some guys wall is nice but a full size, screen accurate costume is simply kickass! Anyway, I want to construct a screen...
  13. K

    TDK Joker props (merged)

    Anyone know what kind of knife Joker is using in "theknife" pic from whysoserious website? Are the purple gloves an off-the-shelf item or custom for the film? They look a little like Isotoner gloves my father used to have. Also does anyone know about the clown mask Joker is wearing in the IMAX...

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