batman the dark knight

  1. GoldPointProps

    Metal Dawn Of Justice Armored Batman Helmet

    we got the first look at the dawn of justice trailer. in the trailer it shows batman is his armored suit. using a screen shot from the trailer I am going to build a metal armored batman going off of one picture so its not going to be 100% accurate but I will get it close as I can using...
  2. framed

    Want to Buy joker otf knife.

    Hello i am looking for a otf cupid clone or S&W otf knife to replace my old knife. Cops took half of my collection i collect and searched for many years.:cry als my precious knife that was in my statue's hands. a resin copy would be great also! please if someone knows or has one for sale...
  3. batbaa

    My TDK Suit build so far

    Hi guys, I just wanted to introduce myself. Over the last few years I have been sculpting and casting a Dark Knight Batsuit from scratch. I have documented the whole process so far on my build web site with step by step photos to show the process in case it helps out anyone else who is...
  4. zikain zorck

    Arkham Knight Helmet FINISHED!

    After much effort and hard work ... here is my helmet! :thumbsup made of resin, fiberglass and Bondo. Greetings!
  5. Athanasius

    Custom Batsuit - first WIP ever

    Hey everyone, I've recently started work on a custom batsuit, and through research and endless Google searches for information/reference pics I came across the RPF. Now I've joined, and I've started work on my costume so I figured I should start a thread for my very first WIP! Firstly, I want...
  6. J

    Batman - The Shattered Cowl Non-Profit Fan Film Thread (2015)

    Hey guys thanks for checking out this thread, here we will post costume pics and set photos aswell as promotional posters and trailers, it would mean the world to the cast and crew if you guys could check out the pages to keep updated : Youtube...
  7. hammbone

    UD Replica's Gauntlet Mod - Inspired by Third3ye

    Thought I would give you guys a write-up on the gauntlet mod I just completed. First let me thank Third3ye for the inspiration and insight about a suit I have owned since 2010 and had not noticed what he did! Also because this is really just his mod with a slight variation. Here is a pic of...
  8. Jabberwocky

    Dark Knight Trilogy photo's

    Good collection of 'behind the scenes' photos from the Dark Knight Trilogy
  9. bobdatrainer

    Want to Buy Batman Arkham night cape

    I'm looking for a new Batman Arkham night cape
  10. L

    Batman Mesh under-suit

    I heard the mesh suit that's under his armor is made of Cordura Mesh. For the life of me I can't find a place to order Cordura mesh from, I have found cordura fabric but not the mesh. Does anyone know where to get this? If not any other super-tough meshes? I'm using the material to LARP so I...
  11. TomVDJ

    Interest Accurate Viral Joker Card Boxes

    I'm planning on doing a run of accurate boxes for the joker viral deck benhs1898 offered here a while ago. These cards came with a box, but this box: 1. Is too big for the set of cards. 2. Doesn't have the correct colors of the real viral deck boxes. 3. Folds the wrong way on the bottom...
  12. N

    Want to Buy Viral Joker Card Set from The Dark Knight

    I am looking to buy a SEALED set of the viral joker cards that were used as promotional props for The Dark Knight.
  13. Valor

    Done / Completed Full-scale replicas of Gotham City Manhole Covers from Batman Begins

    This is a replica of the design from Batman Begins (famously featured in the last act as Scarecrow is bursting manhole covers off the sewers). This is a full-size replica – measuring 23-1/2" in diameter. It is waterjet cut from solid black Sintra – a lightweight yet rigid PVC board – which means...
  14. GEEK1138

    batman hybrid

    Hi guys Just recently got my first rubber bat mask out of the mould...what d'ya think?
  15. bradtdkrises

    Want to Buy batman boots

    I'd like to find a pair of Batman '89 style boots..or close to that. I'm looking for a size 10.5...but judging by the reviews on the Gotham 100, i'm not exactly sure on the boot size that fits thanks!!
  16. morphosis

    Want to Buy WTB: Batman Begins Gauntlets

    Hello, im looking for 1:1 Batman Begins gauntlets either in resin or rubber. Please PM me if you have them for sale. thank you.
  17. Alexander527

    First Build -Budget Dark Knight Cowl Build (WIP)

    Hey everyone just started a Bale Cowl as my first project ever and am very excited! I used "Ruze789" pepakura file as a starting point. I printed on regular paper just as a test to see if adjustments need to be made for sizing, I plan on printing on cardstock once I finish adjustments to the...
  18. C

    Batman Arkham Origins/Dark Knight/Arkham Knight Pepakura Bondo Mask

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking around the forums for quite a while now and decided to register an account. Some quick details about myself: I am final year architecture student currently studying in London. I have had quite a bit of prop experience in the past during my high school years...
  19. Valor

    Done / Completed Batman Begins Gotham City Manhole Cover Kits (full size)

    This is a replica of the design from Batman Begins (famously featured in the last act as Scarecrow is bursting manhole covers off the sewers). This is offered either as a kit for $115 shipped, or a fully-assembled and painted replica for $200 shipped. It is waterjet cut from solid black...
  20. C

    Batman 89 sculpt

    Hello this is the first time that i truly dedicate to sculpting. So i started with the 1989 Batman cowl. Im waiting for some tools and clay to continue keeping you posted. Thanks!
  21. Rubber Johnny

    Rubber Johnny's Dark Knight Build (Pic Heavy)...

    Hi all. I've been lurking around here for a few months, observing, learning, acquiring. I've decided to to take my first step into a serious costume build with a Nolan Dark Knight suit because I absolutely love the design and figure it might be slightly simpler than a full rubber suit. I've...
  22. D

    Batman costume - Halloween 2014

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I'm new to the whole costume making thing, but last Halloween I decided I wanted to make a Batman costume for 2014. I was at a costume contest in a local bar, and I was surprised at how little work people had put into their costumes. As you might expect...
  23. E

    Batman - dark knight costume

    Hello everyone! I am new to this website and in the costume crafting! After going through a lot of post on batman costume making I am currently working on my own ! Right now I am debating on how I should make it. I started by crafting the abs and chest piece out of EVA foam. My question to...
  24. Echo4Delta

    Chris Nolan's Dark Knight Robin Concept

    Hello again folks! My (soon to be) 3 year old son has found Batman and it looks like it will be his choice for 2014 Halloween. But, I can't just sit there and let him go at it alone. So, I asked myself, "Where is a Robin costume for today?" So, I decided to go the easy route and just modify...
  25. Z

    The Dark Knight: Sticky Bomb Gun 3d print

    Hey just wanted to show everyone what I am working on. This will be one of my first props I will be making. The plan is to 3D print all the main parts, with the tubing sections being made of brass piping. I am also planning to use some type of electronics for the lcd dial interface but I...