batman the dark knight

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  1. alexworks

    The evolution of my Joker cosplays

    Hey there! My name is Alejandro Fanzago, I'm a cinema and makeup FX artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Bat fan. I'm sorry for my english actually my girlfriend is who speaks it very well, but she's not in home at this moment. Anyway I've been doing The Joker since 2010. Heath Ledger blow up my...
  2. K

    BVS Batman Beyond

    Hi everyone I'm creating a new costume build of Batman Beyond. Most of the cosplays and costumes that I’ve seen are either really plain and are just a sub dye suit or are make to have an armored look and are way to bulky. I mostly want to base it off of the BVS universe but I’m also taking in a...
  3. HospitalBatman

    Want to Buy Batman non-latex suit, preferably TDK or Arkham Origins or Arkham Knight

    Greetings: Thank you for welcoming me into this amazing group of talent! First off, I'm sorry this is long, but I'm not sure where to start, so....... last year I bought a DK latex suit with the intentions of A) Being Batman for Halloween forever and B) Becoming a Batman volunteer visitor to...
  4. Indy Magnoli

    Batman Sings One Call Away - Parody Video

    We just finished this parody video: You may notice a lot of prop and costume easter eggs. Here's a list of films whose props and costumes appear in this video... see if you guys can spot them all: (Obviously tons of Batman stuff) Ghostbusters Raiders of the Lost Ark Romancing the Stone Star...
  5. Ibeenthere

    Medieval Batman - Historically accurate - DONE!!!

    These are photos of my Medieval Batman cosplay I made for Purim (the Jewish equivalent to Halloween) 2016. I tried making it as historical accurate as possible (while obviously making some changes due to the nature of Batman as a character in "history" and how I feel the armor would have...
  6. A

    Batman V Superman "F U Superman" Armor (cardboard) WIP

    I recently started working on the Batman armor from Dawn of Justice, I am working with only paper, cardboard, a few pencils, scissors/exacto blade, and hot glue (for now) so far I have the cardboard portion of the helmet complete, however I am putting the project to a halt because my main...
  7. J


    Looking for screen accurate tabio joker socks and turnbull asser tie
  8. D

    ideas for a new member of the rpf

    hi, I've recently become a member of the rpf and i am cannot come up with any i would like to create. I would be looking at making things from star wars, Indiana Jones, the dark knight films and the lone ranger. Any easy and simple ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  9. H

    Dark Knight Tumbler schematics/ blueprints

    Does anyone have an accurate version of the Tumbler blueprints from the Dark Knight? I have seen some but aren't even close to being accurate. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. C

    The dark knight

    So 2 months ago I decided to build my own tdk suit, last year I bought a ud replica tdk suit. Really nice but it's too hot to wear for any length of time so here's my finished suit, still looking for the proper mesh for the under suit but for now... It works
  11. Ibeenthere

    Medieval Batman - Historically accurate

    Hi all! I am starting to work on my new cosplay! I have a couple of months to finish it so it's going to be tight! I want to make a medieval Batman armor that will try to be as historically accurate as possible to what armor looked like, while taking into considerations relating to Batman...
  12. GasmanR

    GasmanR's TDK Grappling Gun Holster Build (pic heavy)

    About a year ago I stumbled across a TDK grapple gun being sold on Ebay . A bit beat up (but what's a little battle damage !) and I don't know its provenance (but I suspect it's a Gordon Gecko construction) - it's well made and highly detailed. And although it makes for some great...
  13. hikage

    Want to Buy 3D printed Joker bozo clown mask

    Any of those 3D printed Joker bozo masks for sale? The ones made from the 3D print from the mask used in the movie. I believe these were made and offered by coofunkcurly at one point in time.
  14. A

    Building a TDK suit from kit

    Hey there beautiful peeps! Been lurking around the forum for a while now, taking notes and comparing options, and I have finally decided to go ahead with building my very first Batsuit which will be no other than Nolan's TDK! It is my first project and I'm excited about it since I've never had...
  15. A

    Want to Buy TDK Mesh full bodysuit to measurements

    I am wondering if you guys can recommend someone who makes mesh bodysuits specifically intended for TDK armor mounting as I plan to build my suit this way. Thanks Ammar
  16. O

    my first ever sculpture /attempt to create a batman cowl

    So this is my first post , im doing this because im a big batman fan and i dont have the luxury of being able to buy a mask ,so i decided to make one ,the one i have in mind is the ben affleck bvs cowl ,lol i have no experience with clay ,molding, sculpting or art lol . Only thing i have is my...
  17. M

    My gauntlet build video!
  18. R

    First time suclpting

    So I was looking around at some batman masks online. I quickly realized how expensive they were. So I decided to make my own cowl. It is a neck less cowl, that draws inspiration from the dark knight cowl and the dawn of justice cowl. This is my first time ever sculpting anything, and I wanted do...
  19. M

    My Batman The Dark Knight Gauntlets!

    By far the hardest prop I have ever made. Learning to use Urethane rubber is very difficult and expensive but I stuck with it until I figured it out!
  20. A

    Dark knight cowl customization and padding

    Hello beautiful people! I just joined the RPF and i'm very excited to be part of this joyful community! Recently bought a dark knight cowl by IconicCollectibles on eBay, I must say I'm quite happy with the quality of the cowl, but not much about the neck piece though. The cowl fits great over...
  21. F

    TDK Suit Part List Feedback

    Hey guys, me and my brother have been obsessed with Batman since we were kids and after seeing a really amazing Batman cosplay online I suddenly decided I want to build a batsuit. I eventually found my way to this forum and just became a member seconds ago. I'm trying to build a TDK/TDKR suit...
  22. rgarvinsound

    SCARECROW Build - Batman Begins/The Dark Knight.

    Hello hello! First post, first costume, first con (DragonCon)! I want to make a costume of Scarecrow (as is seen in Batman Begins/TDK). I'm hoping it'll be a fairly easy costume to pull together and make it look authentic. I’ve done some research, but haven’t figured everything out yet, so I’m...
  23. R

    TDK Costume Recommendation

    Hello everyone, I am looking at getting a Dark Knight costume but I am not sure if I should get a UD Replicas version or a GothamCity FX version. I am looking for a screen accurate version. Please let me know what y'all think between those two or if you have any other suggestions. I have come...
  24. S

    Batman Original Classic Cowl/Helmet Resin. Tips?

    So, a little over a year ago I subscribed to the RFP to help make my first Batman Cowl. After I got to the mold/casting stage, I made the stupid mistake of sealing plaster to the eyes of my head base. Long story short, it was trashed, but I learned a lot. Fast forward to now. I am looking to...
  25. graphixmon

    WIP Arkham Knight armor set. Just needs paint. 3d printed

    I have been working with Crimson Coscrafts for a little while now finishing up the ARKHAM KNIGHT cosplay for him. Steve Wilson of Crimson Coscrafts designed the 3d files and I printed/finished/molded/casted the rest with help from Jeremie Sloan from Beavercreek Proving grounds. Here are some...

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