batman dead end

  1. D

    A quick Question

    Hey guys My name is Dan and i'm new to the Forum. I'm interested in doing a short film and gathering ideas of what kind of batman costume i would like to have in it. I see that a few people have templates that go on fabric. I was wondering how would I go about getting those patterns printed on...
  2. bradtdkrises

    Jason or Batman?

    There's a comic expo near me in the summer that me and the kids really like going to. Last fall I went in Jason cosplay. I'm thinking I may do that this summer...but worried it'll be hot with 3 shirts and a jacket..and I do have 2 Batsuits..but the latex one is hot every part of...
  3. Indy Magnoli

    Limited Run BATMAN Batarang USB - 32gb

    UPDATE: These are now available via our eBay and Etsy stores: ----------------------- Gauging interest for a limited run of Batman style USB sticks... here is the finished...
  4. bradtdkrises

    Want to Buy Batman belt

    I'm looking for a comic style belt. The belt with utility pouches. I'm looking for a tan/khaki/yellow-ish color. Thanks!
  5. Spidey74

    Batman DE: My first costume build Completed (Pix Pg 2)

    Hi Folks! I've been reading posts on the RPF for several months now. Reading and learning about all of the creative and innovative costume building. I've been intrigued ever sense and have been inspired by many people on this forum. I wouldn't say that I'm a creative person but I decided...
  6. Meule

    Batman Dead End suit

    This is one of 3 suits that was used in Batman Dead End. I bought it from Sandy Collora himself. Sadly he had already sold the gloves, belt, boots, cape and 2 Batarangs. The cowls all deteriorated one year after the movie. Had something to do with the material used and how thin the cowls were...
  7. Emeldahay

    BATMAN DEAD END - orig pred costume

    Just got the BDE pred I bought a while back onto a manequin - ive hung it from the ceiling so I can have both feet put on it- it needs posed better and some bits sorted - hopefully going to find a reputable mask builder to fix the helemt which was cracked in production (or at least thats what...