batman 2021

  1. W

    The Batman (2021) Battinson suit commission

    Hi all! I’m looking to potentially commission a Batman suit based on the current “The Batman” suit. I’ve been looking around and I’ve found various cheaper options that ship from China, which don’t really look up to scratch, and overwhelmingly expensive versions on Etsy, that as accurate as they...
  2. sholmes221b

    Battinson Batsuit Build Batman 2021

    So with very little time on the clock, I have decided to build a Batman 2021 Batsuit for Halloween. After discovering that sculpting fine sharp angles and flat surfaces is WAY harder than sculpting busts and figurines, I have turned to EVA foam. This is my first time working with it and I’m...
  3. Cole Dockery

    Attaching styrene to fabric

    The batman 2021 trailer git me excited so im planning to make a batsuit using both soft and hard armor using peltex and styrene respectively. So im curious what are some ways to attach styrene to fabric. (Underneath are some rough concepts for the look im going for)
  4. E

    Batman 2021 FOAM pepakura

    Hello, I want to make the batman 2021 lock and I found this on etsy, what do you think...