1. DDrAv3n

    Knightmare Batman 1:1 scale build

    Hello, I'm trying to build a 1:1 scale knightmare batman. Half body for time being as that's all I have room for currently. Any suggestions on mannequin body type? Something similare to what cosplaychris has done. All help is appreciated.
  2. trammell

    Building a better muscle suit

    I'm starting a Batfleck build and I'm thinking about the muscle suit. I made one a few years ago out of a morphsuit and upholstery foam, it turned out pretty good but it has the same problem as all of the ones I've seen. They're hot, really hot, like wearing a parka on the equator. I want to...
  3. Chris VanVlair

    Knightmare Batman Costume Build

    Hi, I'm Chris I haven't really posted much here but I figured, this project was a good one to begin posting here with. (Note, some of the pictures are screenshots from my phone, because the original pictures got deleted accidentally) Ever since I began making costumes and props back in 2018...