back to the future part ii

  1. DB537

    BTTF - Gambling Legalized / Space Zombie Newspapers - From 2011-2012 Runs

    I have been going through some items that were in storage, and I found a few extra newspapers from my old runs here, which I had thought were sold out long ago. I have 8 copies of the alternate Otis Peabody 'Space Zombie' newspaper, from the very first run of BTTF newspapers that I offered...
  2. DB537

    Limited Run BTTF II - 2 George McFly Hill Valley Telegraph Newspapers - $20 now through Oct. 26 ONLY!

    My BTTF 2 George McFly Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper set is on sale for $20.00. This is a ONE-TIME-ONLY Sale, now through Oct. 26, 2021! Regular price is $24.95. Etsy: Back to the Future Part II Set of 2 George McFly | Etsy eBay: Back to the Future - Hill Valley Telegraph George McFly...
  3. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future II Pleasure Paradise Biff’s Matchbook Display

    Wanted one of these in my collection for a while, and couldn’t find one to buy- so was left with only one option!! After a little research I found and used the same model Volvo hubcap as seen on screen as the base. Painted gold, filled the top, made the star, made the edging ‘leaves’, some small...
  4. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future Replica Prop Builds.

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well during these strange times-and keeping busy- building! So I’m still relatively new to prop making, and new to the RPF. This is my first post! For me, building started around two years ago, I had been watching Adam Savage’s online show and thought, I’m gonna...
  5. DB537

    Limited Run BTTF - Full Set of 13 Hill Valley Telegraph Newspapers - Available Now!

    Back to the Future - Complete set of 13 different Hill Valley Telegraph newspapers as seen in BTTF and BTTF Part II. These sets are $64.99, which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping. International shipping is calculated based on size and weight. If you are in Australia, please message me...
  6. ElectroDFW

    Fan Expo Dallas - 2019 - Post your cosplays!

    Didn't see a thread for last weekend's Fan Expo started, so thought I'd take the initiative. Was my most expensive con to date, but given recent developments in the celebrity world (R.I.P. Peter Mayhew) I thought it best to get done what I wanted to accomplish sooner rather than later. My...
  7. S

    Does anyone make a Fuzzy Strap for the Hoverboard?

    I'm not very good craft wise and was wondering if anyone makes the fuzzy strap that goes onto the Hoverboad or if anyone made it where did they get their materials from?