back to the future 3

  1. shinzo

    BTTF 3 Marty McFly 1885 Poncho

    Hello! :) The last months I was working on my "Back to the Future III" Marty McFly costume. My boyfriend modellbaubert was working on his Doc Brown and our friend derYoshi was working on his Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen costume. These costumes have been on our to-do list for years. It started...
  2. ageowns

    Old West Time Travelers' Poker Game - BTTF, Bill & Ted, Star Trek:TNG

    I've been spending quarantine setting up elaborate studio photoshoots of my replica props. This latest project is a bit more abstract, its an Old West poker game, as if my favorite old west time travellers came together and sat down to one game. I wanted the composition to be initially eye...
  3. ageowns

    Looking for replica Old West money (Back to the Future, Bill & Ted etc)

    I'm looking for replica prop currency that would fit in from the late 1800s, particularly California, but anything that would fit an Old West theme would work. I did this photo composition to look like it's the poker game from Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. I had no currency so I used Civil...
  4. Mrfusion115

    Back To The Future Replica Prop Builds.

    Hi guys, hope you are all doing well during these strange times-and keeping busy- building! So I’m still relatively new to prop making, and new to the RPF. This is my first post! For me, building started around two years ago, I had been watching Adam Savage’s online show and thought, I’m gonna...