babylon 5

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  1. O

    Babylon 5 - Ivanova the Strong

    Here is one last page from Brother Michael's illuminated Bible of the future. Since he mentioned "Ivanova the Strong", along with Delenn the Wise and the Blessed Sheridan, it seemed a pity not to complete this trilogy of charecters. This time, I decided to move away from the Lindisfarne...
  2. O

    Babylon 5 - the Blessed Sheridan

    Hi again. After working on my version of "Delenn the Wise", I was encouraged to create another (unseen) page from the illuminated bible that Brother Michael has been illustrating. So here is my version of the "Blessed Sheridan". It is once again inspired by the artwork of the Lindisfarne...

    Babylon 5 PPG Kit

    This is a one-off test print of my own PPG master pattern, printed on a professional printer in tough engineering-grade resin. Comes with printed parts and metal barrel connector shown but the rubber grips are not included. You could probably add electronics with some minor tweaks. The trigger...
  4. R

    Babylon 5 - Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser - modeling & 3d printing

    I wanted to model, 3d print and build models since years. I allways put it off and did other stuff because i didn't knew what to build. But then i saw the Omega and Warlock destroyer builds on this forum. And that gave me the inspiration. I made a model of a Hyperion Class Heavy Cruiser years...
  5. Muzza

    Vorlon Dreadnought - Howling Wolf

    Just pulled this one from the stash and I am going give it a crack. If any one has a tip on painting this bad boy please feel free to share with the group.
  6. A

    Babylon 5: Galen's Technomage Staff - Help!!

    So I haven't posted here in ages but I'm about to start a new project making Galen's staff from Babylon 5. A friend of mine is a huge fan and has been asking me to make one for him for ages and I finally have some spare time to work on it but there are very very very few images online. Are...
  7. frostrubin

    Babylon 5 Battlecrab with surface texture

    There are a view kits of this. But I always wanted a Shadow ship model with the surface texture. I owned a 3D printer (Creality Ender 3) a view weeks ago. After searching for a good 3D model I found this on (Mesh By Amras Arfeiniel I try...
  8. clanger68

    Babylon 5 PPG Battery

    Hi All, Has anyone had experience with changing the battery, or more importantly identifying where it is, on a Richard A Coyle light and sound PPG from Babylon 5? I have taken mine apart and can't find it at all, short of actually destroying the prop to find it I am at a loss. Mine still...
  9. Pixelworks

    Babylon 5 - Warp's Omega and Black Omega difference?

    Hi All, I am looking for a good kit of the Babylon 5 Omega Destroyer. To be honest, Warp models is the only one I could find, but they seem to have 2 different kits... one is the Omega Destroyer, and the other one is called the Black Omega Advanced destroyer. Does anyone know what the difference...
  10. EndloseCosplay

    Fandom based vintage Luggage Stickers

    I know that title is a mouth full, but here is the low down. I am looking for get luggage travel stickers that are Marvel, Dc, Dr Who, My little Pony, Star Wars, Star Trek, RBWY, Sandman, Harry Potter, Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5, and Batman themed. What are luggage stickers? Well it's what...
  11. skiffy

    3D Printing Babylon 5 PPG

    So, I found a 3d file on thingiverse for the PPG from Babylon 5. I've always wanted to build one - and machining one from metal just isn't possible for me. The file needed some manipulation to make it easier to prepare for finishing. Initially all the detail on the body was in one piece. I...
  12. S

    Babylon 5 Kosh fabric question

    Hi everyone! I am wondering if anyone here knows where I can find similar fabric that is on the Kosh encounter suit. The swirly purplish fabric that makes up the most of the suit. Not sure if the original was custom made or purchased from a store but I cannot find anything like it at my...
  13. basmith0

    What is your favorite fictional spaceship?

    I'm obsessed with spaceships. I admit it. I have a problem. Please feed my addiction by sharing your favorite shuttle, fighters, cruisers, capital ships,etc. Be sure to include the name of the ship, what it is from, and a picture if possible. I'll start by sharing a few of my favorites: The...
  14. D

    Selfmade Aluminium Babylon 5 PPG

    Hi, recently I started researching in building my own Babylon 5 Aluminium PPG. After reading the PPG threads here on therpf I thought I share my progress findings. So I stopped lurking and registered an Account:) After I had found some measurements I started to make a CAD-Model. With the...
  15. Cody2003

    Revell Babylon 5 Station

    Hello! First time poster, long time lurker. I lucked into this model for a very good price a little while ago and decided now was the time to try and get it built. B5 was one of my absolute favorite shows when it was on air and I'm slowly working my way through building some part of every...
  16. 19narvik40

    Babylon 5 season one uniform for Garabaldi

    Well day one of the Calgary Comic Expo is done and I got my season 1 Garabaldi costume put together at the last minute. Still and all pretty pleased with how it turned out and even had several folks recognize it. Makes it worth the effort. I think my scratchbuilt badges and buckle turned out...
  17. 19narvik40

    Babylon 5 bling update

    Well they are almost done and a damned good thing to Comic Expo is in three days. Nothing gets you nose to the grindstone like an imminent deadline.:( I'm having some trouble with the blue acrylic paint I'm using on the EA badge but it's too late to look for alternatives. Should be getting the...
  18. O

    Babylon 5 machined aluminium PPG kits??

    I've been searching around on here and the net for a while and have been seeing these machined metal PPG kits. Having looked into these, I noticed that most of the threads about them are several years old and not much mention is made of them recently. I know a member here used to make them...
  19. S

    My attempt at a Babylon 5 Psi-Cop coat

    I have noticed that there isn't a lot of people doing Babylon 5 costumes for a number of reasons. Put together this coat recently thought I would post a picture. I have a number of in-progress pictures if folks are interested. While it is not perfect, it is as close as I could get with zero...
  20. J

    Babylon 5 Army of Light Uniform

    Here is my Babylon 5 Army of Light Uniform that I sewed myself. The most complicated sewing job I have ever attempted. I am still not happy with the collar...any tips on making it better?
  21. Harada357

    Babylon 5 Weapon Prop Source Reference Pics PPG Rifle Grenade Launcher

    Babylon 5 was one of my favorite TV series and i own a variety of replica props from the show - many obtained from members on the RPF. There is a lack of source material on some of the more obscure props. Found a website of a 2011 Prop sale of some cool weapons and other props. sorry i missed...
  22. T

    Wonderfest Babylon 5 Exhibit

    Just a heads up for those of you who can make it to Wonderfest in Louisville on May 15th & 16th. We'll have a number of screen used pieces on display, plus a few of the original props that were created by the production but were never actually painted. Here's what will be on display: *...

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