baby yoda

  1. Kylash

    Star Wars Scout trooper (baby yoda) bag

    This is an authentic 1943 British military bag for making a baby yoda scout trooper bag. Includes some silver rings for the straps and some extra bits. You’ll need to get your own belt, rivets and rank bar. Great shape.
  2. J

    Silicone Baby Yoda

  3. J

    Baby Yoda sculpt

    Here is my Baby Yoda sculpture so far using Monster Clay Medium. Once finished, I plan to make a resin mold and cast him with Ecoflex 00-20 Platinum silicone from Smooth-On. He will have a wire armature inside so he will be posable as well. The eyes and claws will be made with resin. Hope you...
  4. NecroNomnomnom

    Jumping on the bandwagon - sculpting 'The Child' (aka Baby Yoda)

    Yeah, yeah, I know...bandwagon but come on...he's just so adorable it's hard to sit around and patiently wait until May or June when the official licensed products come out, so I'm taking a stab at making my own. Started with a 3-D printed head I picked up on Thingiverse from Jamesjenuwine...
  5. sctcarts

    MANDALORIAN - "The Child" Baby Yoda prop replica - LIMITED RUN OF 21 - LIST IS CLOSED!

    We’re doing a limited run of 20 of our Baby Yoda “The Child” replica prop/art doll. Here are the details – UPDATED PICS ARE ATTACHED BELOW WITH THE FINAL COSTUME AND PAINT -Stands 12.5” tall -Dragonskin FX Pro Silicon head, hands, and feet, all custom painted in silicon, with resin cast nails...
  6. zenix

    Limited Run "It's not a toy" Razor Crest Knob for baby yoda - The Mandalorian NOW SHIPPING

    Hey everyone! I've started production on a very accurate baby yoda razor crest ship knob ball and stand. It'sbe available as two options, with stand and without. The ball itself is a custom machined aluminum ball with a blue anodized aluminum 'bump' at the top, recessed equator ring, and...
  7. MasterEdi

    Done / Completed Baby Yoda (Raw resin hard cast parts)

    ***CLOSED **** Thanks to all for their support of this limited run! *****NO LONGER AVAILABLE **** Raw cast parts limited run (Scaled to be approximately 12-13 inches) ****This is only for the raw cast hard parts!*** *****Not finished Prop or puppet**** The pictures represent the sculpt and...
  8. Frenzy1971

    Share your "Baby Yoda" makes

    I know everyone is making these. So let's see them. Here are the two I've finished. Both from thingiverse- Baby Yoda (even though we know its not baby yoda) by Lewj I can't find the other one I made on there now.
  9. sctcarts

    The Mandalorian - full scale Child "Baby Yoda" prop

    Wanted to share the current obsessive personal project I’m working on. I – like just about the rest of the world – am totally a fan of “The Child” on THE MANDALORIAN. As a puppet builder, I decided I wanted to take on building a fully practical puppet and be as accurate to his look and size as...
  10. s2jesse

    Interest Mandalorian Razor Crest Knob - AKA Baby Yoda Toy

    This is an interest list for my Mandalorian Razor Crest Control Knobs.. AKA Baby Yoda Toy... These are machined from aluminum. I created them as a givaway for my Patreons but it seems others may be interested in them as well. They'll probably be between 30 bux. I may add the shaft / control...