avengers endgame

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    Iron Man Mark85 "endgame" 3Dprinted Cosplay

    WELCOME TO MY ENDGAME Hey guys, my name's Caio, i'm from Sao Paulo, Brasil. I would like to share my project with you. When I started the armor, in June of last year, it was in the interval between two things, I had just finished the Stormbreaker and would start Thanos' dual blade sword, but...
  2. StarLord99

    Captain America Helmet build (TWS to Endgame)

    I just purchased this file from do3d. I want to build my own because I dont like buying ready made casts like cattoys or king arts because I know it will not fit my head and I want this helmet to be snug on my head just like what Chris evans wore on the set. After buying this file I realised 1...
  3. gaiatron

    Avengers: Endgame Iron Man MK85 Full Suit

    So me and my team are now constructing this newest Iron Man full suit commission straight the recent Avengers: Endgame movie. Will be posting progress here.
  4. guitarakizta

    Thanos avengers 1 with sound effects

    Thanos made out of eva foam with sound effects done! Video link:
  5. Saranyu00

    1:1 Battle Damaged Mark 50 Helmet Avengers ENDGAME

    I love you 3000 ;)
  6. dannylopuz

    Limited Run Avengers Endgame: Quantum Suit Leather Jacket!

    Hey guys! I'm starting a limited run of jackets based on the Quantum Suit design from Endgame. Hope that's not a spoiler since that's what everyone has been calling it since before the movie came out. This jacket is insane, with lots of details and 3d printed stuff. This is a great chance to...
  7. 13doctorwho

    Captain America Shield (ENDGAME SPOILERS... turn back now)

    So did anyone notice that the Shield Steve gives Sam at the end of Endgame was a different prop? At a distance it looks the same but when they got close it had all this etched detail. After seeing it I was surprised that there were no threads on it. A lot of great props in Endgame, but I can't...
  8. DeltaStryker000

    Iron Man Mark 85

    Of course no spoilers for Avengers: Endgame until at least 1 month after release date. EDIT - due to the Russo Brothers declaring the ban on spoilers for Endgame null and void, spoilers are now fair game. Is anyone aware of, or in current possession of, a foam unfold or model being worked on...
  9. 7sinzz

    Captain Marvel Pager WORKING SCREEN!!! Pic Heavy!

    I've been working on this Captain Marvel pager for a few weeks now and initially used the STL from thingiverse. I later decided that it wasn't very accurate, so I used it as a base and created my own STL for the pager. I also had to build it around the dimensions to fit the electronics inside...
  10. ToaOfStone

    How do you attach web shooters to a Spidey suit?

    Hello, all! As the title suggests, I am curious as to how all you Spidey cosplayers attach your web shooters to the outside of your suits? I have spent the last couple of days printing and painting a pair of Iron-Spider web shooters to wear to the premier of Endgame and in my excitement...
  11. The14thDr

    Stormbreaker Pepakura Build (Infinity War/Endgame)

    I absolutely adore Thor's not-so-new-anymore weapon and with Endgame just around the corner I knew I had to add it to my collection! For this build I’m using the awesome Herban - Props/MasterMod Pepakura file as a base, which I downloaded from here. This isn’t the most detailed model but I plan...
  12. Saranyu00

    1:1 Scale Battle Damaged Mark50 Helmet , iron man mark 50

    video 1 video 2
  13. Soulinertia

    Limited Run GOOSE Flerken from Captain Marvel!

    Doing a limited run of these GOOSE Flerkens. Comes with custom name tag and glowing tesseract! Order via etsy - www.etsy.com/shop/soulinertiadesigns Order via Ebay - GOOSE Flerken cat plushie Captain Marvel w/tesseract & metal name tag! funko fan | eBay Or order direct from me for $36...
  14. Soulinertia

    Limited Run Captain Marvel / Nick Fury pager built off a real Motorola!

    For some time now I've been working on a custom built Nick Fury / Captain Marvel cosmic pager built on an actual Motorola pager with highly detailed SLA 3D printed parts, modeled and printed by JOATRASH FX on his FormLabs2 printer. I know the pager seen on screen doesn't exist in real life, but...
  15. iamshazam


    I figured it was about time I post a build after being a long time member and silent builder...I am currently working on a 3D print / build of the MK50 battle damaged helmet from the Avengers Endgame trailer. I'll be posting update pics and such here as I go and will provide the build video...

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