1. mgoob

    Stargate Magazines $2 each

    each issue is $2 buy more and save on shipping! slightly used choose from: 14 (Jan/ Feb 2007) 17 (Jul/ Aug 2007) 20 (Jan/ Feb 2008) 23 (Jul/ Aug 2008) 25 (Nov/ Dec 2008) see photos for content pages ships from USA zip code 14620 buyer pays P&P
  2. Anders

    Unlimited Run Stargate Atlantis Asuran Gun - Pistol - Blaster

    Here is my run for Asuran Stunner (Gun, Pistol, Blaster, Whatever) Replica will be in resin, fully working (lights, moving parts) like the hero. I'll split the run every 5 units, price tag is 450€ + shipping, first shipping are estimated around September/October. Deposit is 150€. -- Run...
  3. Anders

    Interest Stargate Naquadah Generator

    Hello back everyone! I'll be starting a Naquadah Generator 'MK1' soon! Price tag will be around 600-700€ (EUR) + shipping For a fully working unit. May optionally comes with a full loaded PowerBank as an extra So digging interest to start the Project. 1. F. Z. 2. J. C. 3. Free -- Project...
  4. Stitch


    Propworx Live Auction