arkham origins

  1. SuperheroDIY

    Superhero DIY Arkham Explosive Gel Dispenser -- and it DOES dispense shaving cream!

    Hey all -- so I'm a 3D printer and cosplay props/accessories maker. I got into it after wanting a Superman Returns costume back in 2006, and in 2017 I got my first 3D printer which really leveled-up my game! I've made a few functional (Batman) props, including the Sticky Bomb Gun from The Dark...
  2. Kame

    Batman: Arkham Origins Batsuit

    Kit and Muscle suit modifications, belt, pants: Fev Studios (Note: Fev Studios customized this for me as a one-time deal.) Kit & Cape: Gauntlet and Tundra Designs Muscle Suit: Flex Designs
  3. Shc0088

    Arkham Origins Armor

    Another update on my project. Now I'm designing the body armor for the suit. Hopefully I'll be printing it next month!!