1. Clerval

    Want to Buy Archive X enamel range, up to full set.

    Pretty straightforward- I know a few folks have found the enamel a bit hard to work with for a few reasons or simply haven't done as much model building etc, and may consider selling. I'm looking for sets, up to a full line. With the supply chain issues, might be a bit til I can order from the...
  2. jusdrewit

    My submission for the Archive-X Speederbike competition

    Hello, this is my entry for Archive X speederbike competition. This is all kit bashed, built between several model kits and some bits of styrene. The 6" figure started as a Catwoman base that was modified extensively as well. I lost track of the hours but it was well over a 100 hours, but so...
  3. itsgreg

    My entry for the Archive-x 1/12 Speederbike Challenge.

    My entry for the Archive-x Speederbike Challenge. Models built out of acrylic, styrene, abs card & copper. Greeblies from A 1/12 Honda motorcycle kit, 1/8 transmission, some 1/6 gatling guns & various found bits. The rider is made from a black series patrol trooper figure. Thanks for looking!