1. nicom1234

    Hogwarts Boathouse model kit - 1:100 Scale

    I have designed a laser cut 1:100 scale (close to HO scale) 'white card' model kit of the Hogwarts Boathouse from the film 'Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows' You can find more information about how it was made in this thread. It comes pre-cut out in a flat pack form (to reduce shipping...
  2. The Old Maker

    Architecture kitchen miniature/maquette/model (term 1 final project)

    Hey dudes this is my first term final project we had to create our own kitchen (from our house) but i thought this is a copy paste and i designed my own kitchen and created it some parts doesn't match (mostly the cupboard) to style of the kitchen and some parts are now cut well sorry for these 2...
  3. DylanRose

    Robocop OCP headquarters architectural model

    My contribution to this years RPF Secret Santa was a 3d-printed architectural model of the OCP headquarters from RoboCop! Research I am sorry to say I had never actually need the original RoboCop until recently. It was listed as one of my recipients interests so as part of my research process I...