1. Aquaman

    My New York Comic Con cosplay pics

    Hi All. NYCC has ended and I had an amazing time with new costumes and updates on others. I turned 61 on Sunday so no better way to ring it in! Check them out... hope you like! Zaqpp Brannigan from Futurama: This year I decided to go with a wig for a more comic look. I wear a "name tag" I...
  2. MiGran

    My Aquaman’s battle helmet

    Helmets of quite recognisable character from the movie "Aquaman"!
  3. MiGran

    Finished my Orm helmet

    Helmets of quite recognisable characters from the movie "Aquaman"! Material is poliuretan- Light and comfortable to wear yet strong enough to keep your head unvulnerable in case your half brother decides to attack you. The helmet is being made for you parameters
  4. megabethbob

    Aquaman Movie Atlanna help please! (spoilers)

    Hiya! I saw aquaman a couple of weeks ago, and was wondering if anyone has seen a single picture of Queen Atlanna's dragony/piranha/hidden paradise outfit? Obviously the outfit is a spoiler so im not expecting anything hd yet, but has anyone seen ANYTHING?! Im desperate to make the costume and...
  5. Wolverine8

    Aquaman's New Trident - Trident of the Posedion or King Atlan

    Hi everyone, I want to build Aquaman's new Trident but I don't know is there an any Pep file for this or something like that? Any help or suggestion will be cool.