apocalypse now

  1. robertvalko

    X-Men: Apocalypse- Cyclops glasses

    Hi, after I saw this movie " X-Men: Apocalipsys" I fell in love with this new Cyclops glasses, so I decided to try to make them ) Here is my "Not original RayBan", but I don't care, the form is the same, so I bought the fake one to make a prototype, mb after I'll use the original RayBan) You...
  2. M

    X Men Apocalypse - Psylocke

    Hello there! So, I am in love with Psylocke's new costume and can't wait to start making it! Problem is, is lack of references at the moment. This is literally all I can find at the moment, but nothing from the back or side. SO, if anyone finds more references, I would love it if you could add...
  3. D

    outfits/props from the Pacific/band of brothers/apocalypse now

    hi, im new to this forum and wanted to display my small but growing collection of screen used stuff, in the first pic is a t shirt worn by James badge Dale as Robert Leckie with a prop M1 also from the production laying on it, the USMC outfit was worn by Jon Seda as John Basilone during the...