1. mgenovese312

    Star Wars Star Wars Anakin Skywalker Boots

    Selling off my unused pair of Anakin Skywalker ep 3 boots. They are made of real leather. Hidden laces behind the velcro spats. Should meet RL requirements for Ep 3 Anakin based on the website. See attachment but always confirm with RL to be sure. Could also be used for a generic Jedi cosplay...
  2. Eruonen

    Anakin AOTC hilt

    Hello there! After holding a friend’s Anakin AOTC hilt I’ve become quite enamored. Is there a community consensus on who makes the most accurate version of this hilt? I see the Tusken Slayer is quite revered, but I missed out on the latest run, and no one seems to stock this hilt regularly.
  3. willrhami

    Anakin AOTC lightsaber grips?

    Hey there community. This is an odd one, but if anyone can help out it’s you guys. So I’m working on a fully custom lightsaber, all hand turned from aluminum, based off my saber I made at Disneyland a few years back at Savi’s Workshop. The saber from Disney has grips and I enjoy that a lot, but...
  4. SP Sabers

    Anakin Episode 3 Stunt Lightsaber (fx ready and carbon stunt blade ready) SP SABERS SPINFLEX

    Hey everyone, i produced a run of 100 Anakin Skywalkers Stunt lightsabers, I have 100 units in hand ready to go. Details: -6061 aluminium. -anodised black low profile grips. -includes 2 emitters, 1 that holders the carbon fibre stunt blade and a stylized emitter for a 7/8 blade. -1 Vented and 1...
  5. MyBodyIsReggie

    Anakin’s Outer Tunic pattern?

    I’m making a Anakin skywalker costume and I’m having trouble getting a decent partner that stops under the obi so it doesn’t open like a bathrobe but more like a regular shirt with that y shape
  6. Davidp3000

    MR anakin ROTS force fx what metal used?

    Hey everyone, first time posting, long time lurking lol, planning on disassembling and hopefully cleaning up my rots anakin saber, it had been stored in a really damp house for a year and now has small veins of corrosion around the black grips. main query is does anyone know what metal its made...
  7. Anakin Costume

    Anakin Costume