1. Jediknightandy

    Lost in Space 1998- AMT Jupiter 2 kit (With Lighting)

    This is a repost of a completed build from another Forum I posted in but figured you guys would appreciate it here on RPF. I have had this kit a number of years and it was started and some parts primed, but otherwise its basically a new build. I remember going to see this movie in cinemas when...
  2. SwedishChef

    AMT Klingon Bird of Prey Build (WIP)

    I purchased this kit a while back and now have time to work on it, and hopefully do it justice. The kit itself is nice, but I’ve built so many Bandai Star Wars kits that I’m spoiled rotten when I go back to these older kits that have no where near the detail and impeccable molding. It’s a great...