amos burton

  1. F

    The Expanse - Zip Pull ID?

    Hi folks, I hope this is the right way/place to do this. I'm trying to ID the zipper pull that's used on Amos Burton's mechanic suit in The Expanse and I've had no luck as yet, so thought I'd post it here to see if anyone has any thoughts? These are the best shots I can find of it.
  2. Douglascraig

    Expanse Amos Devil/Oni Mask Pin

    I wanted to make a replica of the pin that Amos wear in the Expanse series. I couldn't find any for sale online. I'd seen one or two other replicas done but they looked a little flat and I fancied something more 3D. It was a good excuse to practice on Sculptris which I hadn't really done much...
  3. Mike J.

    The Expanse: an Amos-Style Jumpsuit

    Maybe a little too Amos-style, so I ended up looking a bit like a bootleg Amos, but it was a good experience overall. If I add a few more patches, I'll be a little more distinctive. Who knows what changes the future may bring?! A few years ago, I had a Beratnas Gas 'work shirt' made, with the...